Flutter + AWS Amplify + Cognito

In the previous part we have Implemented login with social networks. Now I also want my users to login with phone number and sms code(one time password or OTP). So that when user logs in with phone number server generates a random 6 digit code and send it via SMS to user’s phone. Then user should enter the same code to perform login.

There is no standard way to achieve this with Cognito, you can have second factor authentication done by sms message but password is still required for signin. …


I am going to build a job-search platform for small scale on-demand tasks. Where customers can find someone to fix a leaking tap, assemble a wardrobe or babysit your kid.

Call it a kind of Uber for housekeeping activities.

I decided that to create this platform I need web backend, web frontend, ios and android mobile apps. Before I can start with coding I need to choose which technologies am I going to use for each part. …

Flutter + AWS Amplify + Cognito

For this app, I am going to use AWS Cognito to manage user login and authentication. In this scenario, my app needs to communicate with Cognito directly to obtain an authentication token and after that, I will add this token to every request send to my backend.

First, you need to create your Flutter app. I assume you already know how to do this but in case something is not clear here is a guide https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/codelab

Then you configure Cognito and create proper user pools there. Configuring Cognito can be done manually but it is advised to use amplify command…

It is a common case when you want to send relevant real-time updates to your customers. There are many examples of such approach in social apps e.g. incoming messages, friend requests, status changes etc. The most popular solution for this is a mobile app with embedded push-notifications. However the case I am going to tell about is different. During search for rental accommodation in Prague(Czech Republic) I found that receiving information about new listings as soon as they become available gives you a significant competitive advantage as landlords usually don’t cherry-pick tenants and seem to work on a first-come first-served…

Ilya Bershadskyi

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