Flutter + AWS Amplify + Cognito

In the previous part we have Implemented login with social networks. Now I also want my users to login with phone number and sms code(one time password or OTP). So that when user logs in with phone number server generates a random 6 digit code and send it via SMS…


I am going to build a job-search platform for small scale on-demand tasks. Where customers can find someone to fix a leaking tap, assemble a wardrobe or babysit your kid.

Call it a kind of Uber for housekeeping activities.

I decided that to create this platform I need web backend…

Flutter + AWS Amplify + Cognito

For this app, I am going to use AWS Cognito to manage user login and authentication. In this scenario, my app needs to communicate with Cognito directly to obtain an authentication token and after that, I will add this token to every request send to my backend.

First, you need…

It is a common case when you want to send relevant real-time updates to your customers. There are many examples of such approach in social apps e.g. incoming messages, friend requests, status changes etc. The most popular solution for this is a mobile app with embedded push-notifications. However the case…

Ilya Bershadskyi

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