Creating Flutter app with AWS Serverless backend — Part 0: Problem definition


I am going to build a job-search platform for small scale on-demand tasks. Where customers can find someone to fix a leaking tap, assemble a wardrobe or babysit your kid.

Technology choice

Web backend

You never know how fast your new shiny service will get some traction. One thing I want to avoid is scalability issues harming my user experience. It is not very nice when you already have users willing to use your service but you are unable to serve them properly because your server is not powerful enough or network throughput is insufficient. I also don’t want to spend much time working on reliability i.e. preventing my users data from being lost in case of hardware failure.

Web frontend + mobile

I am neither a frontend nor ios developer myself. Learning this to a decent level from scratch is obviously going to take too much time. Fortunately I am pretty comfortable with Flutter! As you probably know nowadays you can build ios, android and web frontend from a single codebase using Flutter(there are also other platforms supported but those I didn’t try myself). I will start from building a Flutter mobile app(backend I build in parallel) and after this is done I switch to web frontend.